Why Would My Garage Door Randomly Open

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    Why Would My Garage Door Randomly Open

    Garage doors, as seemingly undemanding as they may appear, are machines that require such close and faithful maintenance.

    For them to function the way they’re expected to for a long time, torsion springs must be oiled, cables adjusted, and lenses replaced – among the many other things that should be monitored.

    That being said, any homeowner would agree to the supreme efficiency that these doors posit to daily living.

    Not only do they provide repose for homeowners from the gnawing thought of their cars being vandalized or, worse, stolen, they also serve as extra space for when things start to become too congested inside.

    These are just some of the many advantages of having a garage and could account for its indispensability in today’s homes.

    When these doors encounter problems, one would immediately think that the best course of action is to acquire the help of a professional.

    However, others, who pride their frugality more than most, would have this route considered last.

    With that in mind, this list serves to provide several explanations on the phenomenon of a door acting in a way most unlikely, precisely the question: why would my garage door randomly open?

    Due to the safety sensors.

    Automatic garage doors nowadays are required to have specific safety features that allow the door to open during the operation when they are able to detect blockage below the door.

    This is an effort done with the assistance of the sensors that are equipped in the motor and found on both sides of the opening.

    They are most often found near the floor and are mounted on the tracks.

    In other words, if the door that is coming down gets into contact with an object, the motor will detect the force, and it will open automatically.

    However, if the beam of the light in the sensors is faulty, the door will not close by itself.

    As such, a door that randomly opens might be due to the faulty safety sensors.

    Even the smallest detection with the smallest debris or leaves, snow, or ice around the door can result in the door not being able to shut entirely.

    Furthermore, if the floor sensors are misaligned, they may not work correctly.

    For this, you will have to carefully check the space that is around the door together with the tracks.

    This is because the sensors might be out of alignment if the garage door tracks are also bumped or bents.

    Moreover, you will also need to examine the state of the wires located at the sensors as well as the connections.

    You can see a blinking light found on the opener or at the garage door operator button, which indicates that there is a blockage at the door.

    If there is none, it might be that the sensor has been damaged and will need some replacement.

    Due to the garage door opener button.

    When you see a garage door opener button, you might notice it is similar to that of a doorbell.

    While it depends on the configuration, it is also likely to have a button that might activate the door opener.

    If it is causing the random opening of the door, you will have to troubleshoot it.

    Ensure that it is clean first without any debris.

    The operator button can often get dirty as well as stuck in its pushed position.

    As such, this causes the door to open and close until the button is unstuck.

    You will need to clean the button together with the connections in the house.

    Ensure that the wiring is not compromised, however.

    Call a garage door repair company.

    If the above-mentioned reasons are not the culprit behind the question of why would my garage door randomly open, then you need some professional assistance.

    Professionals are more adept at examining and diagnosing garage doors than any other homeowner.

    As such, it is best if you call a garage door repair company for the problems with your garage door.

    You do not have to look far and wide, however, as we are the best in town! We specialize in all things concerning your garage door.

    As professionals, we know how bad it can be when the garage door is faulty.

    Hence, let us help you! Contact us today to know how we can be of assistance.

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