How To Open the Garage Door Manually

    How To Open the Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open the Garage Door Manually

    How To Open the Garage Door Manually

    Automatic overhead doors are no doubt convenient to every homeowner.

    But what if your garage door does not open automatically?

    While you’re used to operating your garage door automatically, you get lost on how to open it manually.

    There are times that you need to manually open the garage door if there’s a power outage or if it’s difficult to open using an opener.

    If you want to know how to open the garage door manually, read more to find out.

    Safety Reminders

    Aside from power outages, there are different reasons why you can’t open your garage door using an opener.

    No matter the reasons are, you should consider the following safety precaution before manually opening the door.

    Close the garage door: Close any gaps and openings in your garage door before switching the manual mode.

    Turn off the power outlet: Since most garage doors operate on power, it is recommended to disconnect before doing anything to prevent hazards.

    Apply grease to the parts: To successfully open or close the door, you need to grease the chains for a smooth movement.

    Leave it to the Pros: There’s nothing more convenient when you leave the job to the professionals in Calgary. Especially if you’re hesitant in doing this job, you can call a garage door repair company to assist you.

    After you have followed the safety precautions above (except for the last part), you can manually proceed with the procedure below.

    Opening the Garage Door from Inside

    All automatic overhead doors come with an emergency kit exclusively used during a power outage or other emergencies.

    This emergency kit will allow you how to open the garage door manually from the inside.

    1. If you see a red cord dangling from your garage’s top ceiling, pull it towards the garage door. The red cord is called an emergency release cord, specifically used during a power outage or when you can’t use your opener. By pulling the emergency release cord, you allow the disengagement of the trolley from the carriage system. As a result, the garage door opens without the aid of an opener.
    2. Park your car or place any belongings inside.
    3. Then, manually close the garage door. You begin to notice the emergency release cord moving away from the garage door.

    Opening the Garage Door from the Outside

    In this case, you cannot access the emergency release cord.

    If you don’t have an emergency door kit, this procedure will render it useless for you.

    Call a garage door repair service in Calgary to assist you in opening the garage door manually.

    On the other hand, refer to how to open the garage door manually from the outside if you have an emergency door kit.

    1. Find where your emergency door kit is located outside your garage door. After successfully finding it, insert the key into the hole. Turn it until the hole is open.
    2. After opening the keyhole, you should spot a cord.
    3. Then, pull the cord to disengage from the lever. By doing this, you can open the door successfully. Pull the cord until the garage door is fully open.
    4. Park your car inside.
    5. Once you are inside the garage, close the door manually.

    If the steps above don’t work in opening your garage door manually, there might be issues that are undetected.

    If you’re certain there is damage to garage door parts, manually opening the garage door can be very dangerous.

    Moreover, these are some reasons you’re having trouble opening your overhead door:

    • Broken springs and cables
    • An off-track door
    • The chain is dislodged from the carriage assembly
    • Broken rollers and tracks

    Call Gloss Garage Doors for Assistance!

    Opening the garage door manually is easy to follow, whether you’re inside or outside the garage.

    However, if you’re having a hard time opening your garage door manually, it’s best to ask help from a garage door repair service in Calgary.

    The problem might be due to damaged parts that hinder you from doing the task successfully.

    That’s why call Gloss Garage Doors if you’re in Calgary.

    We will inspect the reason why your garage door won’t open after following the steps above.

    With our ample experience in the industry, we know how to fix residential and commercial garage doors.

    We also offer garage door installation, repairs, and replacement.

    Whatever concerns you have from us, we will provide them to you promptly.

    Call us since we are available at any time of the day!

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