How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

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    How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

    Garage doors, on average, weigh about 300 pounds.

    While they may appear light and harmless, a malfunctioning garage door could prove fatal– to one’s property, worse, life.

    While a good chunk of the majority would instead leave the heavy and risky work to the professionals, there is something about being responsible for repairing something you would have imagined unthinkable to do on your own.

    It could be a simple tweak of a screwdriver or a light tinkering with a system’s cables; anything overcoming a dispiriting predicament would leave anyone feeling gratified and proud of their achievement.

    Garage door sensors are these small camera-like units attached at the bottom of the railings positioned behind the mentioned doors.

    They are in charge of detecting foreign objects that could go in the way when the doors are lowered down.

    Moreover, they could also stop the doors from moving at any given time should they detect anything on the path.

    As such, they provide such an efficiency that homeowners can’t help but appreciate.

    When things go awry, therefore, such as damages to these sensors, injuries could be most severe.

    With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to save one from the ordeal, particularly on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    Disconnect the power.

    Before embarking on the repair, disconnect the power first that is connecting the garage door opener to the power.

    Do this by turning off the power that is connected to the sensors through the tripping of the fuse for the garage.

    You can find this one in the breaker box.

    While the project does not involve working with any electrical wiring, it is best to make sure that you are safe when there is power involved.

    Loosen the screws.

    After the electricity has been disconnected, proceed to loosen the screws that are used to mount the garage door sensors.

    However, you have to make sure that they are not taken all the way out.

    Simply loosen them enough so that the brackets that are used to mount them will be able to slide up and down, but will stay in place if they are not touched.

    Align the garage door sensors.

    Proceed to the adjustment of the sensors after the steps above have been done.

    In order to do this, simply slide each of the sensors downward.

    Do this as low as possible without actually removing the mounting brackets.

    Afterward, tie a string to the sensor so it will be able to run toward the center of the sensor itself when it is pulled across the doorway of the garage.

    After this has been done, proceed to run the string through the doorway of the garage and then tie it to the other sensor.

    Place the knot in a way that the string will be able to run through the center of the sensor as well.

    After that, simply lay a level so that the bottom is able to run along the string.

    Make sure that the line itself is level as well.

    If the lines are not leveled, you can adjust the sensors by means of moving the mounting bracket upward.

    Do this until you notice that the garage door sensors are finally leveled.

    Finishing touches.

    If you have completed the tasks above, fasten the screws back on to tighten the garage door sensors in their novel positions.

    Check that the strings are leveled so that the sensors do not misalign when they are tightened.

    Remove the strings and put the power back on the garage door.

    Call a garage door repair company.

    The alignment of the garage door sensors may be difficult for those who are not skilled in the area.

    As such, it is best to have the garage door be handled by professionals.

    The garage door should be left in the hands of those who are authorized to practice in the field.

    As such, on the topic of how to align garage door sensors chamberlain, call a garage door repair company.

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