Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension

    Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension

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    Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension

    Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension

    It’s common knowledge that all overhead doors nowadays are automated.

    With the invention of garage door openers, you can click the remote to move the door at your will.

    That’s why it can be inconvenient and annoying to find your garage door remote won’t respond to the opener.

    Besides, who wants to get stuck either inside or outside of the garage, right?

    When you notice problems on the opener and remote, it might be due to a compromised signal range between the devices.

    Due to constant usage and other factors such as electrical interference and a dead battery, the remote signal to transmit to the opener may be affected.

    Usually, a garage signal range can extend up to 4 to 5 car lengths.

    This is the average range to ensure that you can safely open the door with a remote when you park your car inside the garage.

    Through this recommended distance, it will allow you to prevent further injuries and accidents from happening.

    You can also close the garage door fast to prevent any intruders from coming in.

    However, if you find it difficult to open the garage door even if you’re only a car away, getting a garage door repair service in Calgary will fix the problem.

    But if you want a fast solution, the best way to fix the problem is by installing a garage door opener antenna extension.

    With an antenna extension, it will boost the signal of your remote.

    Moreover, read more to know about antenna extension and how to install it.

    What is a Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension?

    Automated garage doors usually come with an antenna that hangs down from the opener casing.

    Its purpose is to allow the remote and opener to communicate with each other, allowing the door to move.

    Place the antenna under the door opener to ensure clear communication with the remote’s signal.

    Also, the antenna should have a length of about 10 inches long to catch a good signal.

    While there are different ways to increase the opener range, installing an antenna extension is the best method.

    By doing this, you can even extend the range for more than 5 cars away.

    General Tips and Reminders

    Before working on the installation, make sure to inspect other areas that can affect the signal range.

    This way, you can identify other issues that can hinder the signal.

    After all, we don’t want the installation to be for naught if it does not do anything to improve the opener signal range.

    Moreover, these are the areas to watch out for:

    • Attach the remote to your car’s sun visor instead of a metal dashboard or metal ashtray. These vehicle parts can obstruct the signal.
    • If you replaced the battery years ago, it’s time to buy a new one. A dead battery will not allow the remote to function. Thus, your door won’t move at all.
    • Identify any other electrical devices that can hinder the signal range, such as LED lights, sprinkler systems, security establishment, and alarms.

    If you’re near these devices, relocate the antenna farther away.

    These devices emit signal waves that can hinder the communication between the remote and the opener.

    Then, you can prepare the following materials before starting with the installation.

    • Ladder
    • Screwdriver
    • Insulated wire staples
    • Antenna extension kit
    • Double or Triple-A battery
    • Small or light hammer

    The Procedure

    1. Place a stepladder towards the opener. Then, remove the back cover of the opener to reveal the antenna.
    2. Locate the screw where the small wire antenna is attached. Loosen it and remove the wire from the location.
    3. Connect the wire at one end of the garage door opener antenna extension to the screw. Then, tighten the screw to secure the wire in place.
    4. Position the antenna wire along with the exposed ceiling of the garage. Fasten it with insulated wire staples and hammer every 12 inches.
    5. Attach the long stem part of the antenna to the ceiling with a screw.
    6. Lastly, replace the remote control unit battery with a new one with either a AA or AAA battery, depending on the opener’s model.

    Need Professional Help?

    If you want a garage door opener antenna extension installation, follow the procedure above.

    Also, consider the general tips and reminders to ensure that the signal range is improved.

    However, if you’re hesitant about doing the task yourself, you can seek help from a garage door repair company in Calgary.

    Call Gloss Garage Doors now to install the garage door opener antenna extension for you!

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