How to Install Garage Door Cables

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    How to Install Garage Door Cables

    A considerable number of homeowners are always on the lookout for the best pieces of fixtures to complete their homes.

    It could be anything, from a victorian style window to cartoon-themed floor tiles; home living has never been more fun.

    When things go awry, however, the ordeal, which almost always concerns money, joins the fray.

    It’s then a matter of compromise from there on – the decision to lay down vast sums of money or look for much friendlier and less costly means.

    While the most handsome prospect is to employ the aid of a seasoned professional, there exists a particular percentage of individuals who would rather brave the risks in handling their machines.

    Nothing is more wasteful than money being squandered on services one could perform unassisted.

    Garage doors are just one of the many fixtures in one’s home that requires a homeowner to go all out when it encounters setbacks.

    Installing new parts is also an ordeal a homeowner has to face from time to time.

    Garage door cables, for this matter, are cogs in a heap of others that make up a garage door that needs maintenance.

    Sure, it is most convenient for others to do the repairing and installing of these parts.

    Nevertheless, one may do it on their own.

    With that said, this list provides helpful tips on how to install garage door cables.

    Get a garage door cable replacement.

    The first thing to do when installing a garage door cable is to get a cable itself.

    Make sure that the right tools are also gathered to ensure that the project will be carried out smoothly.

    Once the necessary tools and equipment are gathered, pick out the garage door cable.

    It should be the proper size in parallel with the needs of the garage door.

    The size of the cable should be on par and determined by the size of the door itself.

    Take into consideration, for instance, a garage door cable that has a measurement of seven feet, and the garage door cable should be 8’6″ in measurement as well.

    Get the right measurements of the garage door first, and then proceed to get the cable that is the right size for it.

    Check your tools.

    A repairman is no repairman without his tools.

    As such, it goes without saying that you need the proper tools and necessary equipment in order to carry out the installation.

    The sizes and types of the necessary tools may vary depending on the project, but these tools are absolute and should be acquired and prepared before starting the installation.

    You will need some gloves, a pair of safety glasses, a stepping ladder, some sockets, locking pliers, some wrenches, winding bars, and finally, the replacement cables.

    Relieve the tension.

    Do not simply perform the garage door cable installation without releasing the tension from the garage door springs.

    It is important that the tension is relieved before you attempt to make any replacements or installations.

    As such, the first step that you have to do is to open the garage door.

    Place it in a full open position.

    After that, place some c-clamps on the track that is underneath the lowest roller of the garage door.

    This will prevent the door from going down.

    After this, you can comfortably install the cables.

    Simply unhook the springs, then hook them up again after.

    Remove the screws.

    If you have an old garage door cable, they should be removed first.

    Keep in mind that after the tension from the springs has been released, you have to loosen the screws first and then remove the cables from the cable drum.

    Furthermore, you have to remove the lag screw that is found at the bottom in order to be able to remove the cable from the bracket.

    Install the cables.

    After the steps above have been accomplished, you can simply install the new cables.

    Install the cable and wound them into the cable drum, and you are good to go.

    Afterward, simply put the screws and the springs back.

    Call a garage door repair company.

    If you are not sure as to how to do the steps above on how to install garage door cables, the best choice is to call a garage door repair company.

    With that said, call us! We offer various garage door services, including cable installation.

    As such, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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