How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    Imagine this: You wake up past 7 am with a meeting to catch at precisely 8.

    You haven’t had breakfast yet, and so you prepare yourself a meal that consists of a slice of bread and water.

    You head straight to the bathroom for a quick shower only to find out that your heater is broken.

    When all of that is said and done, you’ve only a measly 15 minutes to get to work – and then you find out the garage door is off track.

    While the need to leave things with how they are is most pronounced (you’ve got a meeting to catch!), any homeowner would agree that having a certain amount scraped from one’s paycheck would be infinitely better than coming to a home ransacked from every nook and corner.

    Little space it may be, one can never know the extent of a thief’s capabilities when presented with an opportunity.

    When something like this happens, the expected course of action would be to call on the help of someone with enough experience to handle the repair.

    Albeit it is most convenient and efficient, others would want to do the fixing on their own.

    As such, this list provides specific tips on how to fix a garage door off track.

    Disable the garage door opener.

    In order to start the process of fixing a garage door that is off track, look for the red rope overhead.

    This rope connects the opener to the garage door.

    Simply pull the rope and it will disconnect the door from the opener.

    You can then operate the garage door manually.

    Open the garage door.

    After the door has been successfully disconnected from the automatic opener, you have to then open the door manually.

    You can do this by lifting the door.

    Since the door is heavy, it might crash down on you if you cannot take its weight.

    Given that, it is best to ask another person to help you lift it up.

    Use some tools to make sure that it stays up.

    The door should be in a completely open position.

    A ladder or some vice grips might help it stay up.

    Determine the wheels that are off track.

    After the door has been opened, observe and look for the wheels that are getting off track.

    These wheels are causing the door to be likewise off its tracks.

    Afterward, close the door and open it once more if you still have not determined these off-track wheels.

    This will help you locate these rollers immediately.

    If you cannot determine them, ask for help from a professional immediately.

    Place a stop on the tracks.

    After you have located the wheels that are jamming the tracks, make sure to place a stop on the tracks.

    In order to do this, place some locking pliers below the door, specifically on one of the tracks.

    Adjust the track.

    After you have ensured that the wheels are in a proper position, push the track by making use of a rubber mallet into its correct position.

    This will push the door likewise back on its right track.

    Do some test runs.

    In order to make sure that the door is on the right track after doing the steps above, test the door manually.

    It is essential that the door is operating well manually so you can be sure that it is well balanced.

    In order to do this, simply remove the lock pliers that you have placed on the tracks and open the door and close it manually.

    Perform some automatic test runs.

    If you are already sure that the door is operating correctly through manual test runs, connect the opener once more with the garage door.

    Then, operate the remote control and press the button that will activate it.

    Check to see if the opener is normally opening and closing with the door in its proper position.

    Call for a garage door repair company.

    If the above-mentioned steps on how to fix a garage door off track do not work for you, call us as a garage door repair company right away.

    Our services specialize in all things concerning your garage door.

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