How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

    Technology has provided us with a horde of efficient means that has only improved our way of living over the years.

    Things we have once thought impossible to do are now done with ease and better, without wasting anything on the process – money or energy.

    As such, there is no guarantee that everything powered by technology does not face any difficulties.

    As it happens, these types of machines experience the most upsetting predicaments and per se would require a homeowner to go all out with the venture of repairing and setting things back to place.

    Garage doors, in modern times, are acclimated to being modified and augmented to cater to the demands and needs of the majority.

    With the help of technology, it has taken on a form that, at best, would require a homeowner but a swift snap of a finger to function.

    It has provided a reprieve to an otherwise taxing endeavor of doing things manually.

    Again, it is no stranger to encountering problems.

    When this happens, therefore, the best would be to contact a professional.

    This list, however, provides you with an easy way out – a guide one could consider before doing anything permanent.

    With that, here are several tips on how to adjust a garage door opener.

    Gather the tools.

    It is necessary that the right tools and equipment are prepared first and foremost in order to make sure that the whole process and project goes smoothly.

    The right tools will prevent inconvenience should you need a particular job done but you do not have the right equipment for it.

    It is important to have the tools at the ready to prevent any inconvenience while on the job.

    When adjusting the garage door opener, make sure that you have a stepladder, a flathead screwdriver, and some other safety tools as well as clothing.

    Use the stepladder.

    The stepladder will help you perform the first step into the job.

    Position the stepladder below the box of the automatic garage door opener.

    Make sure that you have an assistant that will help steady the ladder while you are standing on it.

    This will ensure safety while performing the job.

    Locate the adjustment screws.

    After you have steadily placed yourself within reach of the garage door opener, simply locate the two limit adjustment screws.

    These screws will be the key to adjusting the garage door opener itself.

    They may be found on one side of the box.

    Other models have them placed at the rear.

    You can identify the switches using the up or open as well as down or close labels within them.

    Adjust the limit switch.

    Once you have found the adjustment screws, it is time to adjust them.

    Simply turn the close or down screw counterclockwise.

    Use a flathead screwdriver for this.

    Turn this screw a half to one full turn.

    This can move the door two or three inches in close proximity to the ground or the floor.

    Test the door.

    After the steps have been completed above, go down from the ladder and then make use of the remote control or the wall control unit to operate the door.

    Test the door by closing and opening it two or three times to make sure that the opener is properly adjusted.

    Assess the distance of the floor as well as the door when it stops down.

    If you are not satisfied, simply continue to make the adjustments in the limit switch of the garage door opener and test them until you are satisfied with the adjustments.

    Call a garage door repair company.

    Adjusting a garage door opener may not be easy as it sounds.

    There are some parts that you will have to be careful with.

    One small move might send the whole mechanism into disarray.

    If you are looking for how to adjust a garage door opener, it is best to ask a professional for help.

    As such, we recommend asking for assistance from us! We are a professional garage door repair company that specializes in all things garage door.

    If you have some problems with your garage door, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Call us now and see how we can help.

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