Garage Door Tune-Up

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    Garage Door Tune-Up

    Like any equipment, garage doors need tune-up and maintenance from time to time.

    If you think about it, they are one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in your home.

    What you need to know is a garage door needs attention to prevent significant fixes.

    Just when you call for a professional when there’s something wrong with your air conditioner, you should do the same for overhead doors.

    For this reason, it is essential to keep the excellent condition of your garage door to make sure it still provides convenience, safety, and security to your home and family.

    Moreover, we’ve got reasons why you need a garage door tune-up and when to call for a garage door repair company in Calgary to do it for you.

    What is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

    A garage door tune-up is maintenance that requires a visual inspection of all parts of the garage door system.

    As we all know, maintenance is essential to lengthen your garage door’s life and prevent costly repairs.

    Usually, a tune-up consists of examining the garage door’s appearance.

    A skilled technician will look for signs of damage that needs immediate repair.

    They also pay attention to rust, peeling paint, and so on.

    These problems need cleaning, sanding, painting, and scraping.

    After inspecting the exterior, a professional will usually move to the moving parts responsible for the door’s movement.

    Once a professional sees signs of wearing or rust, lubrication to the parts is needed, and a replacement is done for the damaged parts.

    For rollers, they usually need replacement if there are cracks and dents.

    Springs, cables, and chains are lubricated if professional spots rusting and corrosion.

    Depending on the parts’ condition, the professional will tend to what is necessary to maintain the working condition of the garage door.

    How Frequent Should You Perform a Garage Door Tune-Up?

    Perform a garage door tune-up regularly.

    You need to do it every six months or even lesser, depending on the condition of your garage door.

    Since garage doors are susceptible to movement many times a day, it’s no wonder if the parts get rusty or damaged.

    Parts have a lifespan on their own and need to be replaced depending on how you take care of them and how frequently you use your garage door.

    Damaged parts can also happen at any time without warning.

    Conducting a garage door tune-up will help detect the problems as early as possible.

    As a result, you can save on expensive repairs that we most likely don’t want to spend.

    Reasons Why You Need a Garage Door Tune-Up

    Aside from saving from expensive repairs, you can also enjoy these benefits from a garage door tune-up:

    1. Provides Convenience

    Overhead doors are, no doubt, highly convenient.

    You protect your belongings and vehicle from fluctuating temperatures and even theft.

    You can also quickly enter and exit the garage with ease.

    If your garage door is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it could mean problems any time soon.

    Besides, you don’t want to get stuck outside the garage in the middle of the cold winter, right?

    2. Avoid Damages from Worsening

    Garage doors consist of moving parts such as cables, springs, and rollers.

    If one of them is damaged, it can be due to a lack of maintenance.

    Thus, expect your garage door to malfunction any time soon.

    Conducting regular tune-up and maintenance can save you time and money, which prevents you from unnecessary repairs.

    If damages are left unaddressed, it can cascade to more significant problems.

    3. Prevent Unexpected Repairs

    Unexpected damage to garage doors is stressful.

    For this reason, you need to prioritize maintenance or tune-up above all else to minimize expenses.

    Simple maintenance such as lubricating, cleaning, and inspection can go a long way to prevent unexpected repairs from happening.

    Contact Gloss Garage Doors for a Garage Door Tune-Up!

    For a garage door tune-up, you can browse through videos and articles online to do it.

    However, if you’re worried you might be doing it the wrong way, you can seek help from a garage door repair service in Calgary.

    The best garage door repair company in Calgary we can suggest is Gloss Garage Doors.

    With us, expect a high-quality tune-up.

    We’ll lubricate the rollers and other parts for you and do what is necessary to maintain your garage door condition.

    Schedule an appointment by calling us!

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