Garage Door Opener Chain Broke

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    Garage Door Opener Chain Broke

    Did Your Garage Door Chain Brake?

    A garage door opener chain may produce annoying sounds when you open or close the door.

    However, it makes a reliable component for the garage door.

    Without it, the operation of the garage door is useless.

    It is also inexpensive and can be easily fixed when damaged.

    As with all equipment, the chain needs maintenance and adjustments to keep it in good condition.

    But if the opener chain gets old, it might break any time soon.

    Moreover, read more to know about it and how to repair if a chain of the garage door breaks.

    All about Garage Door Opener Chains

    When talking about garage door opener chains, the chain-drive immediately comes to our mind.

    This opener chain uses chains to allow the door to move, whether it opens or closes.

    Chain-drives are noisy during the operation.

    The cause of this noise is due to the metal chains that drive the trolley.

    Moreover, the trolley allows the raising and lowering of overhead doors.

    Aside from that, a chain-drive is the popular choice for homeowners because of its affordability and durability.

    However, not all homeowners prefer this type of opener chain because of the noise, which puts them off.

    Furthermore, chain-drives are commonly used for houses that separate from garages.

    If your garage is located under your bedroom or living room, a chain-drive is the best option for you.

    Fixing a damaged Garage Door Opener Chain

    One of the reasons an opener chain breaks is because of lack of maintenance.

    With this, you should take care of the chains to prevent damage and loosening.

    If you see rust or corrosion to the chains, apply a silicone-based lubricant to them.

    But if it breaks, a repair or a replacement is the suggested method.

    Make sure to consult a garage door repair company in Calgary to give a proper diagnosis.

    However, DIY is another option. But when it comes to DIY, you need to follow the instructions carefully, and you should have handyman skills to pull off the job.

    If you’re not confident in doing the job, you can always call a garage door repair service to assist you.

    Furthermore, these are the steps in fixing your damaged garage door opener chain.

    Follow the steps below and test it to make sure the chains are fixed.

    First Step: Inspect the Issue

    Before attempting to repair, you should determine the problem with your garage door opener chain.

    To inspect, follow the steps below:

    1.   Try to open then close the garage door a number of times to observe the opener’s performance. If you see the door is sticking or stalling during the testing, the chain, carriage assembly, or motor might be the problem.

    2.    To narrow down the problem’s root cause, disconnect the motor from the power source, and close the garage door.

    3.    Inspect the chain for rust and corrosion.

    4.    Check the carriage assembly if the hardware such as nuts and bolts are in place.

    5.    Lastly, check the opener motor’s wiring and see if it’s generating power to the garage door.

    Second Step: Lubricate and Clean the Chains

    If the opener chain is rusted, apply a lubricant to remove the corrosion.

    To lubricate the chains, pour the grease into a clean towel and use it to wipe the chains.

    If the chain is heavily corroded, detach the chain from its assembly and apply lubricant for a few hours to loosen the rust.

    Wipe and make sure to remove the excess with a towel.

    Third Step: Adjust the Carriage Assembly

    After lubricating the chains, you might also need to lubricate the carriage assembly as the rust can transfer to it.

    Usually, when it comes to the carriage assembly, you need to adjust it if you see it’s loosening.

    To adjust, loosen the bolts near the motor.

    Then, compress the nut found at the end part to tighten the chain.

    Fourth Step: Reconnect the Motor

    After doing the steps above, reconnect the opener motor and test the door by opening and closing it.

    However, if the chain is still knocking off the rail, tighten the screw from the carriage assembly slightly.

    Then, test once again until there’s no issue detected.

    Ask help from Gloss Garage Doors!

    These chains do not break easily.

    However, maintenance won’t hurt to ensure that it’s still working correctly.

    Make sure to follow the steps above when your garage door opener chain broke.

    But if it’s still slacking, replace the chains.

    Chains are vulnerable to wearing and tearing.

    Once they wear out, replace them right away.

    With this, you can always call Gloss Garage Doors in Calgary to assist you.

    We’ll fix your garage door opener chain in no time!

    More Information

    A proper operation on overhead doors is essential to keep your belongings, vehicle, and family safe.

    To ensure the overhead door is in top condition, you need to test the major mechanism, which is the garage door opener.

    While garage door openers fail rarely, it can happen any time when you don’t maintain them regularly.

    If you detect an issue with your garage door, it’s best to inspect the chain’s condition (if your garage door opener is a chain-drive type).

    The chain serves as the moving mechanism to make your door move.

    If it’s broken, you need to ask for a replacement from a garage door repair service in Calgary or Okotoks.

    Are you sure your garage door chain broke? Read this guide to know more about chain-drive openers and when to call for a repair or replacement.

    What is a Garage Door Chain?

    If your opener is a chain-drive type, you’ll most likely identify it if the operation on your garage door is noisy when it moves.

    For the chain-drive opener, the cause of the noise is due to the metal chain that drives the trolley.

    This trolley is responsible for raising and lowering garage doors.

    Out of all the openers, chain-drive is the most popular choice because it’s inexpensive and durable.

    However, it can be noisy, which puts off some homeowners.

    Chain-drives are best used for garages that are separate from the house.

    If your garage is located under your living area or bedroom, it’s better to choose the chain-drive for your garage door.

    Signs of a Broken Chain

    While chains can last for approximately 10 to 15 years, it will vary according to how frequently you maintain your garage door.

    When chains need attention, they either lose or break.

    If it’s loose, you can tighten it up with a screw.

    If you’re not quite sure how to do it, seek help from a garage door repair company.

    But if it’s not loose, read more to know if your garage door chain broke.

    The garage door is not moving properly

    If you find your garage door is moving slower than usual, the worst case can happen to the chains.

    Most likely, the chain is broken.

    Other times, a broken chain can lead to the detachment of the door from the opener.

    As a result, it will cause the door to shut suddenly.

    Make sure to check the chains for rust and corrosion.

    Rusty chains can affect how the garage door moves.

    Lubricate them as often as possible.

    However, if this solution does not work, you may need to seek help from a garage door repair company.

    The garage door is making loud and unusual noises

    Chains are usually noisy.

    However, if the noise during the operation is getting unusual, this indicates a red flag to the component.

    If the chain is old, you may begin to hear rattling noises during the operation.

    Other noises that indicate your garage door chain broke are slacking and vibrating noises.

    A chain-drive opener does not usually produce these types of noises.

    If you begin to hear them, don’t hesitate to call a garage door service in Calgary and Okotoks.

    The chain needs replacement when unusual noises start to surface.

    The garage door is vibrating

    As mentioned, a broken chain can cause unusual noises and sounds, and one of them is vibration.

    For this issue, it’s most evident when you see the door is vibrating during the operation.

    This is mostly caused by either a broken chain or a worn-out motor.

    In worst cases, the garage door can shake rapidly during the movement.

    With this, the chain or the motor needs significant repair.

    Consult a garage door repair service to know the root cause of the issue.

    Seek Professional Help!

    Garage doors need maintenance to prevent chains and other components from breaking.

    The more you take care of the opener chain, the longer it will last.

    Always check for signs of rust and wear.

    If you notice corrosion on the chains, lubricate them.

    On the other hand, if you see the issues above on your door, it’s best to call the best garage door repair company.

    After all, we don’t want issues to happen on our garage door as it can be pretty inconvenient.

    Who wants to suffer from a slow-moving, vibrating, rattling, and slacking chain, right?

    If you want your opener chain to get fixed as soon as possible, call Gloss Garage Doors!

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