Garage Door Making Noise

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    Garage Door Making Noise

    You suddenly notice your garage door making unusual noises when you leave for work – probably a grinding or a squeaky sound as it moves.

    While your garage door may operate well, the noise can be off-putting as it can also disturb your neighbors.

    However, not all homeowners know the real reason behind these noises.

    Eventually, you might need to get the garage door fixed.

    If your garage door makes noise such as grinding, rattling, popping, or squeaking, you need to know the underlying issue.

    Keep reading to learn the causes of garage door making noise and what to do about it.

    Causes of Garage Door Noises

    Noises produced from overhead doors are irritating and disturbing.

    When you begin to detect these issues, you should know their possible causes.

    Here are some of the causes of why garage door making noises.

    Old garage door: Overhead doors make noise as they age. The noise can come from a damaged moving part or lack of lubrication.

    Damaged opener: Rattling sound comes from a damaged opener. If the opener type you have is a chain-drive or belt-drive, it might cause noise if the chain or belt is loose.

    Out-of-balance garage door: Off-track overhead doors create loud noises as they open and close.

    Wearing and tearing of rollers: As rollers age, they wear out over time. As a result, it produces noise to the garage door’s operation.

    Loose hardware: Hardware such as nuts and bolts can produce a screeching sound when loosening up.

    Parts need lubrication: For springs, cables, rollers, and even hinges, lubrication is necessary to avoid noises from the garage door’s operation.

    How to Diagnose Garage Door Making Noises

    The causes of garage door making noises are due to lack of maintenance and old age.

    Once you have been neglecting maintenance for a while, don’t get surprised if your garage door is making noises.

    Moreover, these are different ways you can quiet your garage door.

    However, if you’re not confident about doing any hardware jobs, consult a garage door repair company in Calgary to assist you.

    Squeaking Noise

    Squeaking noise stems from a lack of lubrication to the parts.

    Make sure to thoroughly apply grease to tracks, rollers, springs, cables, and weather stripping.

    Use a silicone-based lubricant for these parts.

    Grinding Noise

    Similar to squeaking noise, grinding noise can be due to a lack of lubrication to the parts.

    However, if lubrication does not work, there might be a problem with the rollers or the hinges.

    Rollers may likely be worn out due to frequent usage.

    If you see cracks or gaps in the rollers, get them replaced by a garage door repair service in your area.

    If you have a metal type roller, change it to a nylon one for a quieter operation.

    Also, worn-out hinges can cause grinding or screeching sounds.

    Inspect them if you see there are cracks on the hinges.

    If you notice them, it’s best to replace them right away to avoid dangers and injuries to your house.

    Rattling Noise

    A rattling noise can come from loose hardware or chain.

    For hardware, make sure the nuts, bolts, and screws are tightened up.

    Loose hardware can cause vibrations, which results in rattling noise.

    To fix the issue, tighten them up with a wrench.

    Loose chains can also cause a rattling noise.

    Make sure to tighten the chains to get rid of the noise.

    If you’re not quite sure how to do it, ask help from a professional to tighten the chains for you.

    If it doesn’t work, a replacement is needed.

    Popping Noises

    If you’re hearing popping noises from your garage door during the operation, it might be coming from the springs.

    Over time, springs lock up, which produce popping sounds.

    With this, inspect the torsion springs if they are in good condition.

    Lubricate them if you detect rust or corrosion.

    However, damage may call for a replacement.

    It’s advisable to call a professional to replace the springs for you.

    The Bottom Line

    As mentioned, garage doors’ noises stem from lack of maintenance, old age, and the wearing of parts.

    For this reason, schedule a tune-up service or maintenance from a garage door repair company in Calgary at least once to twice a year.

    However, if the methods above don’t work to quiet down your garage door, it’s time to call Gloss Garage Doors to assist you.

    As professionals in the field of garage repairs, we are knowledgeable about different types of problems.

    Once you call us, we will inspect the issue and correctly diagnose your garage door.

    Call us and let us help quiet your garage door!

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