Garage Door Leaves Gap At Bottom

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

    A garage door keeps your garage safe from damaging factors.

    It has airtight weatherstripping to keep the weather out of your garage.

    The door is also flushed on each side so that rains, strong winds, and other elements cannot enter your home.

    Given this, a gap in your garage door can compromise the protection it offers.

    Garage door gaps can also put your security at risk.

    If you can see the daylight pass through your garage door, it means that there’s space on your garage door.

    What to do when your garage door leaves a gap at the bottom?

    You must contact a technician to help you repair the issue.

    While it’s relatively easy to fix a garage door bottom gap, nothing beats the service of professionals.

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    What Causes a Garage Door Bottom Gap?

    It can be alarming to see a gap at the bottom of your garage door.

    You must first determine what causes the gap on your door to solve the issue effectively.

    Here are some reasons why you have a garage door gap.

    Uneven and Deteriorating Garage Floor

    Poorly laid-out concrete on your garage floor can result in bottom garage door gaps.

    There could be portions on your garage floor that are uneven and don’t touch the bottom of your garage door.

    This will produce spaces when your garage door is in a closed position.

    Another reason there’s a gap on the bottom of your garage door is a declining garage floor.

    Over time, the concrete below the garage door will deteriorate and sink.

    Thus, a gap could occur even if the garage door has reached its close limit.

    It can cause water and dirt to go inside your garage.

    You can add more concrete to your garage floor to raise it and touch the garage door to remedy the issue.

    When adding concrete, make sure that the ground is flat and even to avoid any gaps.

    Damaged Threshold or Weatherstripping

    Thresholds are weatherstripping installed on the ground floor, while bottom sealing is located at the bottom of the door.

    They both create an airtight seal at the bottom of your garage door to keep the weather out.

    When the threshold or bottom seal on your door is damaged, they will leave a space on your garage door.

    Annoying critters, dirt, and water could enter your garage in these small spaces.

    Replacing the weather seal on the garage door bottom can restore the condition of your garage door.

    You can also install a new threshold if it’s already worn and eaten away.

    It’s a pretty straightforward task that entails buying a new seal and installing it by following the instructions.

    Unadjusted Close Limit Settings

    Your garage door opener has a limit setting that tells the door when to stop when opening and closing.

    An unadjusted limit switch can cause your garage door to stop too early.

    As a result, there will be a gap on the bottom of your garage door.

    Don’t panic if you encounter this problem, especially if there is a significant gap on your door.

    Simply look for the limit adjustment switch to adjust how far your door should go down.

    Use a screwdriver to twist the down limit screws and ensure that the garage door touches the threshold.

    Uneven Garage Door Tracks

    Do you see a gap and hear grinding noises when your door opens and closes?

    These indicate that your garage door tracks are uneven.

    Perform an ocular inspection to determine if the tracks are perfectly vertical and aligned.

    If they aren’t, you must adjust them so that the garage door can smoothly traverse them.

    Get your screwdriver and loosen the screws mounting the tracks.

    Reposition the tracks so that they stand straight, and then secure the screws back.

    This should eliminate the gap on the bottom of your garage door.


    Garage door gaps are a common problem, but they are not impossible to solve.

    In fact, they have quick and affordable fixes that you can do.

    But when in doubt, contact a professional technician to fix your garage door.

    Call Gloss Garage Doors for a wide range of garage door solutions in Calgary.

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    When a garage door starts malfunctioning, it will worry you that some criminal might access your property and try to steal your expensive stuff.

    Additionally, if the problem is that your garage door leaves gaps at the bottom, rodents, drafts, and other external material can enter your garage.

    To prevent this kind of scenario, you should be aware of the condition of your garage door.

    If you notice that it keeps on leaving a gap at the bottom, call a professional garage door maintenance specialist to check the problem.

    In this article, we will talk about the garage door leaving a gap at the bottom and what could be the possible solution for this.

    At Gloss Garage Doors, we have a team of highly-talented technicians who can fix any issues on a garage door.

    With their years of experience, they can repair anything even if it’s challenging to do.

    Don’t think twice and call us right away if you need this kind of service.

    We also offer garage door replacement service in both residential and commercial properties.

    Call us at any time of the day as we are available from Monday to Sunday.

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    Why does my garage door leave a gap at the bottom?

    Here is some reason for this problem:

    The safety sensors are out of alignment.

    The safety sensors are typically located near the ground on each side of the door tracks.

    These safety sensors might become out of their original alignment, causing your door to leave a gap at the bottom.

    Your garage door opener should tell you this by showing a blinking light.

    In this scenario, all you need to do is re-adjust your garage door sensors to close the door during operation completely.

    If you cannot find it, find the door tracks first then you will locate your garage door sensors that are very close to the ground.

    Find them and check if they are in right alignment or not.

    If you’re sure they are out of alignment, you’ll need to adjust them both.

    But, if you don’t know how to do it, call an expert technician to fix the problem.

    Damaged garage door seal

    Another issue that could cause your garage door to leave a gap is a damaged weather seal.

    The garage door seal could be flattened, fallen off, or deteriorated.

    If this is the case, you need to buy new garage door seals to replace the old ones.

    There are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to install a weather seal for your garage door properly.

    However, call your trusted garage door technician if you still don’t know how to put one.

    The opener needs adjustment.

    Sometimes, your garage door opener needs to be fully adjusted, or the entire door might be shifted.

    To adjust your garage door opener, you’ll need to find your door’s manual book first.

    This is a complex problem if you think that the entire door is somehow shifted.

    If this is the case, you need to consult your garage door technician to check the problem.

    Only a professional technician can fix this kind of problem efficiently and promptly.

    Do you need the help of a professional garage door maintenance specialist?

    In complex cases, you’ll likely need a reliable garage door technician that can aid you with your garage door issues.

    A professional technician has the skills and years of expertise in the field that can provide your garage door needs.

    If you hire a technician, don’t fall under amateur ones.

    They will promise you to fix your garage door but use cheap materials that could bring back the problem on your garage door sooner or later.

    Additionally, you should check first their ID’s to be sure that they come from the service company.

    Always be vigilant because they are still strangers that want to access your property.


    If you’re having trouble with your automatic door, we are here to help you.

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