Garage Door Cable Snapped

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    Garage Door Cable Snapped

    Most homeowners who have overhead doors in their home are knowledgeable with the components and their respective functions – such as the opener for opening the garage door, springs that make the door easy to move, and so on.

    Video tutorials and articles are available online to provide everything you need to know about garage doors.

    Thus, many people have utilized them to look for ways to fix the parts if they ever go wrong.

    However, most people still scratch their heads on how to fix cables.

    For this reason, we will guide you through all about them and how to determine if a garage door cable snapped.

    The Function of a Garage Door Cable

    A garage door cable can be seen on both sides of the door.

    It assists the springs to lift and close the door quickly.

    It also balances the amount of tension released by the springs.

    Hence, cables are subjected to movement every time a garage door is used.

    However, like many other parts of the garage door, it is susceptible to wear and tear over time.

    With regular use, the cables eventually snap.

    To know which type of cables snap, you need to know their respective functions.

    The type of cable is based on the kind of springs installed in your garage door.

    The two types of cables are:

    1. Lifting Cables

    Lifting cables are seen in torsion springs.

    They attach themselves to the bottom of the door and on top of torsion springs.

    This type of cable is usually susceptible to snapping.

    2. Retaining Cables

    Retaining Cables can be seen on garage doors with extension springs.

    You can see them at both sides of the door, which run inside the garage door springs.

    They control the force released by the extension springs, most especially when the springs break apart.

    Why Cables Snap?

    As we have known already by now, lifting cables are the type to snap.

    While they are made to withstand the test of time, it is essential to maintain them to prevent fixing during emergencies.

    The reason why lifting cables snap is that they are used every time the garage door moves.

    They hold a hundred pounds while causing friction every time the door opens and closes.

    Due to frequent winding and unwinding of cables, it wouldn’t be a wonder if they snap suddenly.

    Besides, rust and corrosion on cables happen due to exposed environments from cold and hot weather.

    Rust can affect the performance of the cables, which can fray them over time.

    Another reason is an out-of-track door can contribute to the stress of the cables, which then causes them to rub on other parts they should not have contact with.

    This also speeds up the corrosion and rust on the cables, resulting in fraying and snapping.

    How to Determine if a Garage Door Cable Snapped?

    These are some things to look for when a garage door cable snapped:

    1. It’s difficult to open the garage door.

    If the opener motor and springs appear to be working well, then the cables might be the reason why the garage door is difficult to open.

    Once this happens, you need to repair the broken cable as soon as possible with a garage door repair company.

    2. The cable wire is hanging loose.

    If you see the wire hanging from the remains of the cable, it has undoubtedly snapped.

    This happens due to excessive fraying and corrosion.

    If the cables are frayed and are used regularly, the cables will eventually crack.

    How to Prevent Cables from Snapping

    The best way to prevent a snapping garage door cable is to schedule regular maintenance with a garage door repair service in Calgary.

    Once the technician detects the wearing and tearing of the cables, they can easily replace them with new ones.

    You can also conduct maintenance by yourself once a month to inspect the cables’ condition if they begin to show signs of corrosion, fraying, or damage.

    It’s important to schedule an annual general check-up of your garage door with a professional to ensure that the cables are in top condition all the time.

    This method will save you time, money, and trouble.

    If you need help with your damaged cables, you can always call Gloss Garage Doors in Calgary.

    We will provide everything that you need regarding your faulty cables.

    We will give a proper diagnosis and do what is necessary for the cables by inspecting the issue.

    With our years of experience in garage door installation and repairs, we’re proud that we can fix every type of damage on your garage doors. Call our team today!

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