Broken Garage Rollers Repair

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    Broken Garage Rollers Repair

    Rollers play a vital role in the operation of overhead doors.

    If a single roller gets faulty, it could throw the door out of balance and can cause a malfunction in operation.

    Hence, a roller is crucial in maintaining the stability of the garage door’s movement.

    Many factors lead to damaged rollers.

    If you notice any signs of problems, schedule a broken garage rollers repair from a garage door repair company in Calgary.

    What You Need to Know About Rollers

    Rollers are located along the track that makes the door move up and down smoothly.

    They also come in different materials, types, and sizes.

    Depending on the garage door’s size, you might need a sturdier or larger roller.

    Also, the material you might need is nylon, plastic, or steel.

    For the material, nylons are the most expensive and last longer than the rest.

    They also make lesser noise compared to steel and plastic.

    Plastic rollers are the cheapest but can be damaged quickly.

    Steel, on the other hand, is most commonly used.

    It is durable but can be prone to rust and corrosion.

    You should know the type of roller you should buy for garage doors.

    Inappropriate sizing and material can end up the tracks to misalign.

    Therefore, it can affect the rest of the door parts, such as hinges, panels, or opener.

    Why Rollers Get Damaged?

    There are many reasons why rollers get damaged.

    These are the following factors:

    Material: Depending on the type of rollers you have, it can last longer or shorter.

    If you want a durable material, either go for nylon or steel.

    Faulty hinges: This can impact the rollers’ condition.

    Distorted hinges can cause misalignment to the door, which puts stress on the rollers.

    Lack of lubrication: Perhaps you’ve been neglecting lubricating your rollers for a long time?

    Lack of lubrication can result in rust and corrosion, affecting the rollers’ ability to aid the door to move smoothly.

    Different Ways to Repair a Broken Garage Roller

    If you have noticed your garage roller is broken, a repair is necessary.

    These steps should help you to fix your rollers in no time.

    However, if these don’t work, you can ask for a broken garage rollers repair from a garage door repair service.

    1. Tighten bolts and nuts

    Overtime, nuts, and bolts can loosen over time due to constant usage of the garage door.

    If these parts are loose, it can affect the roller’s functionality.

    As a result, it might set the door off track.

    Make sure to tighten them regularly once you see they’re loosening.

    This is one way of maintaining your garage door to prevent issues from popping up.

    2. Inspect the condition of rollers and hinges

    If your rollers have uncovered bearings, they will get damaged over time.

    The damage can make the rollers wobble during the operation.

    With this, check the issue with a garage door repair service in Calgary to see what they can do about it.

    3. Check the spring’s condition

    Once springs get damaged, it can cause damage to the rollers.

    Address the issue right away and get it fixed by a professional before the problems get worse.

    4. Inspect the condition of the chain

    Chains are essential for the movement of the garage door.

    For this reason, check its condition from time to time.

    If the chain is loose, tighten it up. If it’s rusted, lubricate it.

    But if it’s damaged, call a professional to replace it for you.

    Similar to damaged springs, broken chains can affect the roller’s condition.

    When to Replace Rollers

    Signs may differ according to the type of rollers and door you have.

    You can refer to the following to know when to replace them.

    If in doubt, you can check the rollers’ condition with a professional for a proper diagnosis.

    1. Popping sound during the operation
    2. Rollers wiggle when moving
    3. The vibration occurs when the door moves
    4. Visible rust on the rollers
    5. The garage door is off-track

    What You Need to Do When the Rollers are Broken

    Damaged parts on the garage door can impact the roller’s condition.

    If you see your rollers are malfunctioning, call Gloss Garage Doors for a broken garage rollers repair.

    Prolonging the issue can cause potential injury to you and your family.

    Instead, call us right away and let us see how we can fix the roller.

    Once the issue is addressed quickly, your garage door’s condition will be better.

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